Handling Repair Orders

It is a given that repairs will be necessary, sooner or later, on every property. How you handle these repair orders may determine if the tenant decides to renew the lease. In my office, tenants may submit repair requests in writing or by phone. I prefer talking directly with the tenant. Some “problems” can be resolved with a brief conversation. These might include such things as: (1) pushing the reset button on the garbage disposal, (2) resetting the electrical breaker or (3) discussing how the timed oven features work. Service calls run $50 to $85 and the owner will not want to pay to educate the tenant. Save yourself unnecessary grief, see if the problem is simple tenant error.

Peter Meer is President/Broker of Meer & Company, Inc., 303-322-1550, which manages 150 single family homes and properties in Denver, Colorado. He holds the Master Property Manager (MPM) designation and the firm holds the Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) designation from the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). To learn more about Peter’s Landlord solutions visit Meer and Company website at www.meerandco.com